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What I'm doing

Jan. 31st, 2009 | 08:35 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: Lavender Diamond - Like An Arrow | Powered by SPOTIFY

I have been looking into ordination as a priest in the church of england.
However this is secondary.

More importantly I have "discovered" a hidden formula for a new kind of church.  A fresh expression of what church was always meant to be...
Before people broke it.

No meetings,
No leaders,
No members,
No buildings.

Just people looking out for the other people in their life.

... Oh and Jesus is quite important!

And I have decided to break the mould and show a real picture of me in my LJ account, instead of pretending I'm, like, 6 years old.

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Thinking of awakening the old LJ

Jan. 27th, 2009 | 02:14 pm
music: Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind | Powered by Last.fm

Just thinking about it.
Respect to you friends who have been flying the flag consistently for the last 18 months since I last posted!

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Free the Liverpool One

Jun. 3rd, 2007 | 03:50 am

This is a shocking read.  Asleep at the time; rigged crime scene; someone else has confessed; evidence proving his absence refused; he's still in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Please sing the Downing Street peteition to have the case re-opened.
Free the Liverpool one | Magazine | The Observer

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Madeleine's Eye Holds Vital Clue

May. 23rd, 2007 | 04:05 am

clipped from news.sky.com
Her right eye

Madeleine McCann's family believe a new picture of the missing four-year-old could play a vital role in the search for her.

Mrs McCann said: "The purpose of the poster is to highlight the distinction in Madeleine's eye.

"We want to make the most of it, because we know her hair could potentially be cut or dyed."

Mr McCann added: "The poster was designed by a friend of the family and I've begun emailing it to acquaintances in different parts of the world.

"I'm asking people to circulate it the best they can and make it be seen."

 blog it

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Ever had an original thought...

Apr. 24th, 2007 | 02:35 pm
mood: supreme
music: goa psy trance

...and found out that other people had it first?

For example this morning I realised... Harry Potter is a horcrux.
This is a revelation of genius proportions.
Expecially for someone who has only read the books once, and that a fair while ago.

But then I search for the phrase on Google and find that at almost 1,800 other people think so too.
Having said that, coming 1791st out of the whole world in predicting a Harry Potter scanario - and a good one at that - can't be bad.

Hullo everyone, by the way!

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Five for Silver

Mar. 27th, 2007 | 11:12 am

2 Magpies = Joy.
5 Magpies = Silver.

What about 5 magpies and a woodpigeon?

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through my window

Feb. 23rd, 2007 | 10:17 am

spring's vandalism
spatters across the branches
shocks of pink blossom

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

adolescent tree
pimpled now with blooming buds
and fertile posture

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Old time Blues/Jazz band music

Jan. 19th, 2007 | 10:13 am

Anyone recognise this?

BaaDum Ch
Bum Ch
Dum Ch


Paa Taa-dia
Paa Taa-dia
Paa Taa-dia
Paa Taa-dium

It's very old.  I want to know what it's called.
Don't worry you won't recognise it.
I've only ever heard it on a wind-up gramophone player.

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One down, one big one to go.

Jan. 19th, 2007 | 09:57 am

We are overlooked by two public-land trees that overshadow our garden and stop the late afternoon & evening sun.
One of them snapped off yesterday in the wind.
More wind, please!  MORE!!

PS dilbertdaily is good at the moment:

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A Rare Event

Dec. 30th, 2006 | 04:00 pm
mood: rare

raindrops demonstrate
the power of the many
to soak the few

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